Thursday, April 9, 2009

Without a trace

Without a trace our thoughts disappear
Like when we speak and no one really cares
It's times like these that make me wonder
All about these stars we lay under
How long are we here, with who do we this universe share?
Was it all a big blunder that makes it possible for me to see the stars we live under?
Do they really want us to know
How far we must go
Before we no longer ponder
This world we wander?
Who knows but those who have finished their quest
And opened their treasure chest
Hold their thoughts tight and rest

Monday, March 16, 2009

Imagine if...

Imagine if...
She approached you and said she wanted things to stay the same
Could you lie to her and say Okay?
Or would you say nothing and walk away?

Imagine if...
Your reply was no good
You thought you did all that you could
Apparently it was not

Imagine if....
She decided you weren't worth it
Where would that piece of puzzle fit?
Would you be alright with that?
Feel like you were thrown to the mat?

Imagine if....
She understood your silence
or would that seem like her being compliant?
Would that make you defiant?

Imagine if....
she did understand
wouldn't that be grand?
Almost as if you were from the same land.

Imagine if...
people could see the true me
I'd feel like I were real
almost as if I were he sea
That would be so unreal!

June 15, 1997

Running Man

Confused and misunderstood he leaves again
He runs this night through the trees and rain
I wish he weren't so stubborn
He leaves me feeling tattered and torn

The blue skies are few and far between
He's a boy, only nineteen
He likes to curse and swear
He thinks its the only way that we'll hear
about his pain and his fear

Come to me
Listen to me
Why can't you see?
I want you to see the same as me

She says "I can't live like this anymore!"
He agrees
Yet angry as he is he runs through the trees
He feels like he's been shown the door
Symbolically we are here on our knees hoping that for his sake
that he sees that the passage will be closed once more

Come to me
Listen to me
Why can't you see?
I want you to see the same as me

Confused and misunderstood he leaves again
His new life is still to begin
To feel his pain is a sin
It's the same as it's always been
Someone is hurt and feels a victim
Will there be no end?

June 20, 1997

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Illusive as my thoughts,
Fleeting as a moment,
She winds up in my dreams,
Where she is safe and secure
Away from my fears, unable to fall

She's quiet and shy,
I sometimes wonder why,
She's always as bright as the stars in the sky

She speaks without words,
Yet they are as clear to me as crystal,
I hold onto her like a doll,
One made of porcelain

She gathers adoration and places it like a foundation,
Brick by brick, making it secure, making a wall,
Almost as if she is afraid to fall

Fall away from me, unable to be returned,
Again I am afraid, afraid to be burned

Scared of the loss, scarred by the thought,
All that I have gone through has all been for naught

Everyday a different deal,
Another day filled with feelings I didn't want to feel,
Live and let live... isn't that what they say?
Wonder if I can live like that day after day?

June 8, 2001


It comes every year, kids grinning ear to ear,
A rush and bustle, beating the city hustle,
Parents turned manic with the onset of stress from holiday panic,
Spend, spend, spend, as if there is no end.

Where is HE amongst this whole mess?
HE, wearing nothing but swaddling garb and dress,
The idea of HIM, evaporated by global warming,
People losing sight without warning

We see holiday depression as a major issue,
Though, everyday there are people fighting over tissue?

I'm a hypocrite like the rest,
Fronting by wearing my Sunday best,
Claiming that I believe HIM to be in my life,
When somedays I think that religion is not right

Wonder why we have inner strife,
Thinking HE's a myth, one noone ever saw,
Where's this headed? Where does it lead?
Our lives in turmoil, isn't faith what we need??

June 8, 2001