Thursday, March 12, 2009


Alone and silenced, is that how they feel?
Almost, as if their life is not real?
Decisions about them already made,
The plans for their life already laid

Jumping from one place to another,
Not really knowing a father or a mother,
Is it true he has no sister or brother?
They never really know

Feeling caged like animals,
That's how their story goes,
Enraged by everything,
Seems they get no say in anything

No song or dance, no second glance,
They go through life thinking they haven't got a chance,
And what do we do or say to prove to them that its not that way?
God only knows

They struggle through day and night,
Showing they are strong and know how to fight,
Do they know they are not alone despite not being able to talk to their parents
on the phone?

Our minds on other things, their dreams of golden rings,
The culture of today stuck on destiny,
Kids growing up without integrity,
Oh when will they ever see?

Bling bling and Hollywood, never think of those you should,
Blinded by what our heart desires, wonder how things will transpire?,
Thinking they are invincible, hearts lost in passions' fire,
Always about the here and now, never fully comprehending how,
Things are supposed to appear, nothing about working hard and shedding sweat and tears.

Getting what you want replacing getting what you need,
Money planting thoughts like the Devil with his seed,
Replacing thoughts of achievement with an overflowing bag of weed,
The signs are there to be seen, have you noticed? Where have you been?

December 8, 2000

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