Monday, March 16, 2009

Imagine if...

Imagine if...
She approached you and said she wanted things to stay the same
Could you lie to her and say Okay?
Or would you say nothing and walk away?

Imagine if...
Your reply was no good
You thought you did all that you could
Apparently it was not

Imagine if....
She decided you weren't worth it
Where would that piece of puzzle fit?
Would you be alright with that?
Feel like you were thrown to the mat?

Imagine if....
She understood your silence
or would that seem like her being compliant?
Would that make you defiant?

Imagine if....
she did understand
wouldn't that be grand?
Almost as if you were from the same land.

Imagine if...
people could see the true me
I'd feel like I were real
almost as if I were he sea
That would be so unreal!

June 15, 1997

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