Thursday, March 12, 2009


It comes every year, kids grinning ear to ear,
A rush and bustle, beating the city hustle,
Parents turned manic with the onset of stress from holiday panic,
Spend, spend, spend, as if there is no end.

Where is HE amongst this whole mess?
HE, wearing nothing but swaddling garb and dress,
The idea of HIM, evaporated by global warming,
People losing sight without warning

We see holiday depression as a major issue,
Though, everyday there are people fighting over tissue?

I'm a hypocrite like the rest,
Fronting by wearing my Sunday best,
Claiming that I believe HIM to be in my life,
When somedays I think that religion is not right

Wonder why we have inner strife,
Thinking HE's a myth, one noone ever saw,
Where's this headed? Where does it lead?
Our lives in turmoil, isn't faith what we need??

June 8, 2001

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